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Tag: Buying Property Overseas

26 Jun
Overseas Property Purchase

How To Vet An Overseas Property Purchase (And Avoid Being Taken!)

Vetting Your Next Overseas Property Purchase An attendee at last week’s Offshore Wealth Summit asked for specific recommendations for how to carry out due diligence on real estate investment opportunities abroad. He knows how to do his due diligence for real estate purchases back home, where he is an active investor, he explained, but he is just [...]
06 Aug
Are You Preparing For The U.S. Dollar Collapse?

Are You Preparing For The U.S. Dollar Collapse?

As Mark Twain might have put it, the death of the U.S. dollar has been exaggerated. Or at least prematurely prognosticated. Dollar doom pundits continue to point out all the negative things going on in the United States—stifling debt, exploding credit, polarized political arena, fundamentally unsound fundamentals. And, as a result, they continue to predict […]