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14 Jan
lettuce hydroponics thailand

Final Chance To Invest In Aquaponics Before The Price Rises

Agricultural production using aquaponics technology is on the rise… and so is the cost of investing in the opportunity that this fast-growing trend represents. Three years ago, in the course of my ongoing search for cash-flowing real estate opportunities, I identified a specific aquaponics project offering a turnkey option for individual investors projecting returns up […]

30 Aug
Lief at aquaponics in Thailand

Thailand Aquaponics Project (And Profits) Continue To Grow

Earn Up To 14.5% Quick-Flowing Cash From This Now Proven Investment Two years ago I made a quick trip from France to Thailand to visit with a developer embarking on a new agricultural opportunity that piqued my interest. The developer Andrew was launching an aquaponics/hydroponics project to grow lettuce and fish to sell into the [...]
15 Dec
Thailand is leading in Aquaponics farming. | Investing In Thailand Aquaponics

Investing In Thailand Aquaponics: The Future Of Farming

Passive income traditionally comes in three categories—interest, dividends, and rent. For my own portfolio, I’ve long focused on rental income. A rental property can be a great cash flow generator. Over the last several years, I’ve expanded my thinking about options for earning rental income to include agricultural properties. Like a beach house or condo, […]