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17 Oct
definition of wealthy piggy bank and cash

Why My Definition Of “Wealthy” Might Surprise You

Anyone Can Be Wealthy... Here's The Secret Years ago I heard a definition of "wealthy" that has stuck with me. Being wealthy, the thinking goes, is having enough passive income to cover your living expenses. I know people who make a lot more money than I do each year, but they aren't wealthy. Some of [...]
07 Oct
IRR blocks

What Exactly Is IRR? Explaining Internal Rate Of Return

My Wife Insists You Don’t Understand Me My wife keeps telling me that no one understands me. Maybe she has a point. When making an investment recommendation to you, I reference something known as Internal Rate of Return… or IRR. It’s a tool for analyzing and comparing different opportunities. I get that most people aren’t [...]
03 Oct
Stock market display board in hong kong

Blood Is In The Streets—Time To Buy Hong Kong Stocks

New Crisis In Hong Kong Means An Opportunity For You Last spring, I had a chance to visit Hong Kong. It is, without a doubt, one of the most astonishing cities in the world. At the time, the protests were still a peaceful and orderly affair. However, there was a sense of growing unrest. Having [...]
19 Sep
chinese stocks to buy during the trade wa image showing coins and currency

These 3 Chinese Stocks Are Winning The Trade War

3 Ways To Win The Trade War I've been talking about the U.S.-China trade war a lot lately. You could even say I've been banging this drum too much. But how can one resist covering it when there are so many exciting related stories to tell? And, more important, so many ways to profit from [...]
19 Aug
A businessman looking through a giant keyhole

3 Situations To Avoid When Diversifying Your Life Offshore

Three Cautionary Tales—How Not To Go Offshore I'm hearing regularly from readers struggling with how, specifically, to get started planning and benefiting from a life diversified offshore. Should they start with a second residency... many want to know... Or an offshore bank account? Is a property purchase a good initial step... or would it be [...]
29 Jul
Dollar bills and arrow going down

U.S. Dollar’s Bull Run Will End This Month—Here’s How You Can Profit From The Decline

End Of The Dollar's Bull Run? Do you travel to other countries? Canada, the United Kingdom, Portugal, China... Well, I do... a lot. And in recent years I've been enjoying how valuable the U.S. dollar has become against most world currencies. Hotels, restaurants, taxis... it's all become remarkably cheap. The Greenback has been on a [...]
18 Jul
Man working out investment returns

Factoring Investment In Colombia: I Was Sold Immediately

A Unique Low-Risk, High-Yield Opportunity In My Favorite Market One of the presenters at our Live and Invest in Colombia Conference taking place in Medellín this week is a colleague in this city who has put together a factoring investment opportunity that has its basis in the struggles this country has faced over the past few decades. [...]
08 Jul
U.S. soldiers

What War With Iran Will Look Like

148.25% In Less Than 6 Months… Judging by the most recent threats of “obliteration” coming out of Washington and Tehran calling Donald Trump “mentally retarded,” it appears safe to say we are heading towards a military conflict. In the face of that reality, I’d like to deconstruct the situation and think through what this war [...]