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03 Sep
Establishing Irish Residency And Obtaining An Irish Passport

Establishing Irish Residency And Obtaining An Irish Passport

New Irish Residency Scheme Not A Sure Path To Citizenship In researching the lead article for the August issue of the Simon Letter on Irish citizenship, I came across information about economic residency options the Irish government came up with earlier this year. Some are touting these as economic citizenship options. Unfortunately, that's not really the case. [...]
15 Mar
second citizenship and passport

The Benefits Of Holding A Second Passport

Reciprocity...And Other Reasons To Carry A Second Passport Panama is truly a convenient place to live if you want to travel around Latin America. Our flight on Tuesday from Panama City to Santiago, Chile, wasn't short (at seven hours), but it was painless. On-time departure from Tocumen International...good service from Copa in the air...on-time arrival [...]