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The Property Deals That Offer The Best Return On Your Money In 2021

13 May
Paradise beach in Praia do Forte, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

The Property Deals That Offer The Best Return On Your Money In 2021

What You Must Know This 2021 Tax Season

In a make-or-break year like 2021, it’s critical to make the smart investment choice.

Property is a safe bet, and trophy properties are on sale all around the world right now…

But what offers the best return on your money?

You need to know where to look, you need bargaining power, and you want to buy in markets that will recover fast.

Let’s take a minute to run through some of the best deals on world-class properties on our radar so far this year:

  • Panama remains top of my list as a destination proven to recover fast.

Here, just 50 minutes from Panama City along the Pacific Coast, I have negotiated a killer deal… one that puts you right on the powder-white sands of Panama’s next big beach town, with a slew of luxury amenities on site.

You can take advantage of a US$60,500 cash discount and snap up your own beachfront home here for just US$149,500. Financing is also available. Go here to further details.

The developer here has agreed to put aside 24 parcels of almond-producing land for my readers only. You own the land and, as always, everything is 100% turn-key…

You’ll receive annual payouts right up until year 45—for a total projected 675,789-euro payout (about US$815,000). And that’s taking the most conservative figures. Plus, interest-free financing is available.

Get in touch here for full details.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has helped amplify the deals on the table...

  • In March, I negotiated a massive US$15,000 discount on large ocean-view townhouses in Brazil’s booming Northeastern coast. Starting at US$114,000 for everyone else, we’ll pay only US$99,000.

Situated in a prime location and only 500 meters from one of most beautiful beaches you’ll find anywhere in the world, this property offers a serious appreciation opportunity, and projected rental yields of 18% net per year.

  • In Belize, we got first dibs on a stunning Caribbean island home for under US$100,000. But this is bigger than your typical bargain deal—the developer here has partnered with Best Western to hand you a turn-key 7%-12% ROI if you choose to rent for profit.
  • In Panama City, I pinned down a massive US$24,000 savings, on luxury condos in one of Panama City’s most affluent areas. We can secure one of the remaining six units starting at just US$108,000.
  • Plus, we got exciting news from the developer for our hydroponics project in Thailand. He is now gearing up (with government approval) to export into Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and the Middle East…

This project, which already hands us a projected US$144,000 payout, is about to go global.

I could go on, but, all told, as the world slowly gets back on track, 2021 is shaping up to be a great year for us investors here at Live and Invest Overseas.

But you’ll want to act soon…

If your money is all on Wall Street, now is the time to reallocate some portion of it into a hard asset, safely outside your home country and outside the stock market.

To that end, I remain on the hunt to uncover more agricultural investments, along with property deals in Panama, Portugal, Belize, and Spain…

Plus, the Dominican Republic, Montenegro, Greece, and Mexico.

I’m negotiating crisis-deals with developers I know and trust in top-tier destinations we know will recover quick.

Lief Simon