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15 Feb

The Biggest Year Of Voting In Global History

In 1789, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to French physicist Jean-Baptiste Leroy. It contained a line that outlived both men and will likely still be around when you and I are long gone… “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.” Now, far be it from me to factcheck The First [...]
30 Mar
Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

How To Take Advantage Of The FEIE You know my advice in tax season is to "beat the IRS" at its own game by complying with every technicality of our complex tax code... including (especially) those "loopholes" and technicalities that work to your advantage... One of the most powerful rules in the U.S. tax code [...]
26 Sep
Man calculating his taxes

Tax Filing Extension For Americans Abroad

Tax Filing Primer For The American Abroad The second U.S. tax filing season is under way. If you filed an extension back in April (like I did), you have until Oct. 17 to file your tax return... and (don't forget) your Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR). While the United States' approach to taxing income is [...]
28 Jul
US Passport on the world map

Should You Renounce Your American Citizenship?

When Boris Johnson, soon-to-be former British Prime Minister, sold his London home in 2009, he didn’t pay any capital gains tax in the U.K. but was slapped unexpectedly with a U.S. tax bill. Boris is an “accidental American,” a person who has lived outside of the United States for the majority of his life but […]