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06 Mar

Why A Second Passport Is Today’s Smartest Protection Plan

Don’t Tell ICE, But My Name Is Ommar What do a British school teacher, a Russian Playboy model, and Muhammad Ali Junior have in common? They’ve all been stopped by U.S. immigration. The British school teacher was barred from boarding a flight from Reykjavik to New York. He’s a British citizen, but he’s Muslim... And [...]
02 Feb
second passport for expats

Expat’s Common Goal In Trump’s America: A Second Passport

Last weekend I hosted a small group of readers at my home in Medellín, Colombia. These Private Access members made the trip to Medellín to spend three days engaged in focused, private conversation with me and nine of my colleagues. We discussed the basics of internationalizing your life—banking, residency, citizenship, asset protection, structures, and investing, […]

10 Jul
bogus passports offshore

The Bogus Passport Market Continues To Grow (And Breed Trouble)

Occasionally, I meet someone who’s offended that I’m in the citizenship and passport business. “Citizenship shouldn’t be bought and sold like a pair of shoes,” a man once told me. “I think it’s scandalous that some countries are selling their citizens’ birthright.” I disagree. We live in a world where governments have assigned themselves the […]