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20 Aug
Your Chance To Invest In Nicaragua Property

Your Chance To Invest In Nicaragua Property

We Americans bring considerable baggage to the table when the topic of conversation is Nicaragua. Mention the country to most Americans, and we think of the Sandinista Revolution… the Contra War… Ollie North… That’s a shame, because Nicaragua has a great deal to offer that is often overshadowed by the Sandinista specter. I visited Nicaragua […]

24 Nov
Live, Retire, Invest In Nicaragua

Live, Retire, Invest In Nicaragua

Years ago we got an email from a reader in response to a report from Latin America Correspondent Lee Harrison on Ecuador. The reader wrote to ask where in Central America Ecuador was located. He’d been looking but couldn’t find it on a map. Ecuador, as I’m sure you realize, is not in

13 Oct
property in nicaragua

State Department Travel And Safety Advisory For Nicaragua

After the launch of the Live and Invest in Nicaragua Conference last month, a reader wrote in to ask how safe we think that country is…really. This reader’s husband couldn’t make the conference dates and, after reading the U.S. State Department’s travel advisory for Nicaragua, told his wife she couldn’t attend the event on her […]

16 Sep
Colonial Granada swuare in Nicaragua.

It’s Time To Be Looking At Nicaragua For Investment Again

For tourists, Nicaragua is an absolute bargain. The super-low cost of everything attracts backpackers, of course, but it also attracts others looking for a high quality-vacation at a bargain price. The legitimately four-star hotel where we stayed in over the weekend, La Gran Francia, cost us US$60 a night, including breakfast and Wi-Fi