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26 Feb
View from Q1 looking north

Lief Simon Hosts Annual Global Property Summit In Panama

Investing pre-construction, which gained a bad rap post-2008, is again a viable option. If you were a pre-construction investor stung by losses in pre-2008 bubble markets from Florida to Spain, you may be understandably wary. However, in certain markets, pre-construction is again interesting. I recommend you take a look at Istanbul, for example, where the […]

18 Nov
Buying Real Estate Overseas For Profit

Buying Real Estate Overseas For Profit

“You tell us all the time, Lief, to ‘buy what we see.’ “But at the same time, you promote pre-construction investments. How does that make any sense?” one reader wondered this week. Perhaps I should adjust my mantra from “Buy what you see” to “Pay for what you see.” Taken literally, “Buy what you see” […]