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12 Sep
In addition to stocks and bonds (and the mutual funds that invest in them), any investor with capital has opportunities to invest in many other assets.

How Diversifying Into Real Estate Can Help Your Portfolio

Over the weekend I read one of those Q&A articles in a mainstream financial publication. A reader had written in to ask how he should invest a windfall of US$250,000. The answer was typical mainstream financial advice that boiled down to: Determine your level of risk tolerance based on your age and then allocate some […]

30 Jan
Global Investing For Diversification Of Assets And Currencies

Global Investing For Diversification Of Assets And Currencies

So You Think You're Diversified? A friend who attended my wife's Live and Invest in Colombia Conference last week told me that, while he has traveled all over the globe and has friends in many different cities around the world, he had never, until last week, considered buying real estate in another country. Despite this, he has [...]