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19 Jun
Do You Need an Offshore Corporation

Do You Really Need An Offshore Corporation?

Lief Simon’s Offshore Wealth Summit in Panama City this week is built around a series of workshops addressing the key concepts to do with “going offshore.” For each of these workshops, Lief has convened a panel of experts so as to provide, for each discussion, depth, breadth, and diversity of perspective and experience. One of […]

29 Oct
Best Jurisdictions For Offshore Companies

Best Jurisdictions For Offshore Companies

Dozens of jurisdictions offer offshore corporations, LLCs, trusts, and foundations, but every offshore attorney has his go-to choices. My Belize attorney prefers St. Lucia because a St. Lucia structure can help to mitigate tax liability when doing business in Belize. One U.S. attorney I know works mostly with Belize entities; another likes Nevis. How should […]

18 Sep
offshore corporation bank account is the first stop into Reducing Tax

Reducing Tax By Living And Doing Business Overseas

Some poor, uninformed soul wrote this email in response to the promotion we’ve published for the Wealth Summit I’m hosting in Belize next month: “Really, what you’re talking about is a plan to cheat our country out of the tax dollars it deserves for personal gain. Some strategy… “Oh, it may be legal, but evading […]

27 May
Where To Diversify Your Investments, Your Assets, Your Business, And Your Banking Offshore

Where To Diversify Your Investments, Your Assets, Your Business, And Your Banking Offshore

Planting Flags I'm reviewing and clarifying my ideas related to the Five Flags theory of diversification in preparation for my opening remarks at the Wealth Retreat I’m hosting in Panama next month. If you're new to the idea, the "Five Flags" are to do with residency, citizenship, banking, assets, and business. Not everyone needs all five flags [...]