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25 Jan
Washington DC Capitol dome detail with waving american flag

Who I’m Voting For In 2024

For many people, the New Year’s Eve hangover had barely passed when the real headache of 2024 began to kick in… First it was the Iowa caucuses, then this week’s New Hampshire primary, and now we’re barreling towards the South Carolina showdowns. 2024 has been dubbed the biggest election year in history by The Economist, [...]
01 May
How To Plan For Your Estate

How To Plan For Your Estate

A banker friend in Belize who speaks at many of the conferences my wife Kathleen Peddicord’s publishing group sponsors likes to ask the following question as part of his presentations: “What happens to your bank account (in Belize) if you and your banker, and only you and your banker, know about its existence…and you die?” […]

13 Aug
It Is Not Illegal To Move Assets Offshore

It Is Not Illegal To Move Assets Offshore

Moving Isn't Hiding Some recent reader e-mails have me scratching my head. Some readers rail against me for writing about ways both to save taxes and to protect assets by moving them offshore. These readers seem fully to believe that these activities are illegal. The only thing I can think is that they are mis-merging [...]