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25 Oct
orange mangos in a basket

Find Out Where Money Grows On Trees For Up To 80 Years

Cash Flow Of Up To 45% Per Year (I’m Not Kidding) 2018 has been a great year for us global property investors... And it's not over yet. In fact, I'd say my latest discovery is the best we've had all year. The numbers are compelling... For a one-time investment of US$39,000, you can position yourself [...]
16 Feb

Last Chance To Invest In Mango Plantation In Panama

Last year about this time, I announced the launch of a new agricultural investment opportunity in Panama—a mango plantation where you could participate as a small investor, taking title to your piece of the farm and earning yields along with the developer. Today, that mango plantation is nearly sold out. In less than one year, […]

12 Feb
Turn-Key Agriculture Investments From Timber To Fruit

Turn-Key Agriculture Investments From Timber To Fruit

The best investment during the 20-year period from 1994 to 2013 was U.S. farmland. That’s the conclusion of a recent report in The Economist, which also considered farmland in Britain, U.S. stocks, international stocks, gold, U.S. T-Bills, U.S. forestry, and commodities. Based on the annualized returns and including appreciation of the land, U.S. farmland outperformed […]