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Find Out Where Money Grows On Trees For Up To 80 Years

25 Oct
orange mangos in a basket

Find Out Where Money Grows On Trees For Up To 80 Years

Cash Flow Of Up To 45% Per Year (I’m Not Kidding)

2018 has been a great year for us global property investors…

And it’s not over yet.

In fact, I’d say my latest discovery is the best we’ve had all year.

The numbers are compelling…

For a one-time investment of US$39,000, you can position yourself for decades of annual cash flow of up to 45% a year… that’s US$17,500 in net cash flow every year.

Now, as I explain below, it’ll take several years to get to that point… but this is an investment with a long tail… one that could produce for you for up to 80 years.

LIOS Exclusive: Profiting From Extraordinary Demand

What exactly are we investing in here?

Organic mangos.

You may not be super familiar with them, but mangos are the most eaten tree fruit in the world.

The global market is massive.

Mangos are the most sought-after fruit worldwide except in two very important places, and therein lies our opportunity.

The mango markets in the United States and Europe are in their infancies… but expanding big time.

The USDA’s figures for mango consumption between 1980 and 2012 show an increase of a staggering 896%, from 0.25 pounds per person to 2.49 pounds per person, on average.

And consumption has nearly doubled over the past 12 years. In 2017, the figure expanded to 3.42 pounds of mangos per American.

That’s a serious trend in demand… and I have identified a way for us to profit from it.

Of course, you’re investing in more than a fruit…

The opportunity is to purchase a turnkey mango plantation with infrastructure and organic technology already in place.

Very importantly, your plantation will be certified as “USDA Organic.” This is a critical requirement for bringing the produce to market in the United States… and for getting a premium price.

In addition, your turnkey plantation comes with full and free title to the land. You own the land; the farming company works it for you for a fair cut, from seed to sapling to harvest…

Again, this is a completely turnkey proposition.

And, as the farming and processing are all done in Panama, we’re talking about a first-world-quality product at developing-world costs…

Which is why you’re able to buy in for just US$39,000.

US$39K Earns You Up To 45% ROI A Year (For Up To 80 Years)

Mangos grow on trees… and fruit trees, as you know, take time to mature and produce.

Specifically, mango trees take about 10 years to grow to maturity. They produce fruit for up to 80 years, but they don’t begin producing until around year four… when you can expect your plantation to produce about 30,000 pounds of mangos (or about US$5,000 in net cash flow to you) per year.

As the years go on, your trees will grow and so will the fruit output… to 60,000 pounds in year nine for a net payout of around US$14,000. That number is projected to increase gradually until year 15, when you can expect at least US$17,000 in annual payments every year going forward.

Combining the early years of zero returns (when the trees are growing) brings you to an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of about 18% over 30 years.

The plantation projects a yield on investment for at least 30 years, which equals more than US$430,000 in net returns overall.

On an investment of just US$39,000.

And, in fact, the eventual return could be greater. As I mentioned, mango trees can produce for up to 80 years… decades beyond these 30-year projections.

You see why I say this could be the investment opportunity of the year.

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Lief Simon