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24 Mar
The right time for investing in Colombia

This Investment In Colombia Offers Up to 16% Returns

If I had a quarter for every time someone has written in to tell me I’m out of my mind for suggesting people move to or invest in Colombia, I’d have a whole lot more money to invest in Colombia. Even at last week’s Global Property Summit, some of the attendees raised their eyebrows when […]

07 Dec
Reasons to live in Colombia

A Few Reasons To Live And Invest In Colombia Today

The window to take action in Colombia is right now… for two reasons: First, current exchange rates have pushed down property prices in Colombia to levels not seen for many years. Not surprisingly, real estate sales to Americans are at an all-time high. The U.S. dollar continues its rampage against the Colombian peso. How much […]

13 Sep
Colombia: One Of The World’s Most Attractive Investment Markets

Colombia Qualifies As One Of The World’s Most Attractive Investment Markets

Low Debt, Low Inflation, And Continued Growth--This Is The Third World? In Monday's dispatch, I wrote about misguided misperceptions that persist related to life in Colombia. Most of the world continues to think this country is a no-go zone for safety reasons. Sure, wander off into the jungle regions near the border with Ecuador or Venezuela...or [...]
10 Sep
Safety And Crime In Medellin, Colombia

Safety And Crime In Medellin, Colombia

I’m in Medellin this week for the Live and Invest Overseas conference. Kathie and I have been writing about Medellin and Colombia for nearly three years. We began spending time in this city two years ago, and we purchased an apartment here, that we’ve since renovated, a year ago.

26 Jul
How To Establish Yourself In A New Country

How To Establish Yourself In A New Country

It Takes Time (And Shortcuts Are Usually Illegal, Expensive, Or Both) Here in Medellin, where we've been hanging out for the past two weeks, it's taken us about a year to go from looking for an apartment to living in one. And that's about how long it takes to put in place the personal infrastructure [...]