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26 Mar
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2015 Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

To qualify for the FEIE using the 330 Day Test, you must be in another country (just being outside the United States doesn’t work if you’re in international waters, for example) for 330 days out of any 365-day period. It does not matter if the 330 days are over two calendar years (between Nov. 1, […]

16 Oct
International Tax Review

International Tax Review

“You’ll notice that Lief is in his office as usual,” I wrote this morning to our Panama City staff. “However,” I continued, “he asks that you pretend that he’s not. That is, except in case of critical emergency or dire need, please steer clear of Lief’s desk today.” Tomorrow is Tax Day for us and […]

24 Jan
2013 Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

2013 Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

The most important tool in the U.S. expat’s tax toolbox is the foreign-earned income exclusion (referred to in tax-planning circles as the FEIE or ‘the exclusion’). If you qualify, it allows you to exclude up to US$97,600 in 2013 foreign-earned income from U.S. federal income tax.