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15 Aug
Tropical beach setting on Isla Holbox, Mexico

Why Living In Mexico Will Be The Best Decision You Make

As of this writing, more than 11.5 million Americans and Canadians live overseas… And 2 million of them—nearly 20%–live in Mexico. Mexico is far and away the most popular retirement and expat haven in the world for North Americans. From world-class beaches along its Pacific and Caribbean rivieras… To 16th-century Spanish-colonial towns oozing with charm… […]

17 Mar
Beach on the Mexican Caribbean

Obtaining Mexican Residency In 2022: Everything You Should Know

Easy, Fast Residency Make This A Top Plan B Option Mexico isn't usually first to come to mind when you think of your best options for living abroad. It's too familiar for that. But Mexico is #1 in a way that really counts: over 1.6 million Americans are living there, which puts Mexico out in [...]
25 Jun
Guanajuato colonial town in Mexico

Move To America’s Most Popular Expat Destination In 2 Weeks

This Historic Seaside Town Is A Hidden Investment Gem More Americans and Canadians have chosen to live or retire on Mexico's two long and beautiful coastlines than they have anywhere else in the world. The choices are so broad for seaside living in this country that you can actually specify a price point, a convenience [...]