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Why Living In Mexico Will Be The Best Decision You Make

15 Aug
Tropical beach setting on Isla Holbox, Mexico

Why Living In Mexico Will Be The Best Decision You Make

Your Plan B Made Easy

As of this writing, more than 11.5 million Americans and Canadians live overseas…

And 2 million of them—nearly 20%–live in Mexico.

Mexico is far and away the most popular retirement and expat haven in the world for North Americans.

From world-class beaches along its Pacific and Caribbean rivieras…

To 16th-century Spanish-colonial towns oozing with charm…

Mexico offers up some of the best of Latin America.

But what will really blow your mind is just how easy it can be to move here.

I should know…

In fact, I moved to Mexico with only a pickup truck and a credit card.

What’s more, the consulate offered same-day visa service for my residency, so I had to deal with none of the in usual bureaucracy… all I needed was my pension deposit slips.

In fact, I could have qualified without having a pension or proving income…

Mexico is one of the only countries in the world where you can qualify for residency by showing only a bank balance or IRA.

And residency even comes with an import tax waiver on anything you want to bring from home.

As for myself, my move here was a breeze…

How I Moved To Mexico

I loaded up the truck with the dog, the cat, and a load of household items. I used a credit card to get my online vehicle permit and insurance…

And then I drove south.

Instead of hassling through an airport and TSA, figuring out visas, and hiring a service to transport the animals…

I simply got on the highway, quickly crossed the border at Nogales, and stayed on that same road until we got to our new oceanfront home in Mazatlán’s historic center (more on that in a minute).

That was it… my international relocation.

As you might know, relocating overseas is usually not this simple.

Believe me, I’ve done it the hard way plenty of times.

But after living in multiple countries in Latin America, I’ve finally found my place.

And I'm Here To Tell You:

Mexico is an overlooked country that has everything you need.

I started scouting for an overseas home in 1998 and moved abroad in 2001. I’ve spent much of my time since then traveling, seeking out the best places to live and invest overseas.

All the while, I overlooked Mexico… I flew right over a country that has everything you could want in an overseas destination.

For me, Mexico was too familiar to be appreciated.

Yet Mexico offers two dramatic coastlines with beautiful beaches… Spanish colonial culture and architecture… a strong and colorful indigenous influence… colonial highlands with amazingly fine weather… a dozen mountain ranges… and most of the familiar everyday conveniences that we enjoy in the United States and Canada.

I usually think of Mexico as a place that “needs no further introduction”… but that’s not true. In fact, many of us have overlooked it completely… and need to be re-introduced to our southern neighbor.

Mexico is easy, familiar, diverse, and affordable. So today, I ask myself this: Why go farther?

I bought a house in Mexico… and today split my time between that home and another in California.

I’ll share all the details for where I’ve based myself in Mexico… and why…

During this week’s Live And Invest In Mexico Virtual Conference.

Hope to see you there.

Lee Harrison
Part-Time Mexico Expat