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Tag: Annual Tax Returns

07 Mar
Tax Guide Aprill 18 2022

Tax Guide For Retirees Overseas

It’s tax season in most of the world. Filing deadlines vary by country, but, generally speaking, we global taxpayers must make our annual filings between the end of March and the end of April. In the United States, April 15 is the official tax-filing deadline, but, thanks to Emancipation Day (April 16) being a holiday […]

11 Oct
Sundays Presidential Debate had me wondering if it's a no-win for the country, whoever candidate we choose.

Sunday’s Presidential Debate: More Painful Than My Tax Returns

I listened to the presidential debate last night while finishing my 2015 tax return. I’m not sure which one bothered me more. My tax return is more than 50 pages. It’s mostly information forms reporting my assets rather than actual income reporting. My non-American friends laugh when I complain to them about what a pain […]