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21 Mar
almond tree shaker shaking trees, leaves falling from trees being shaken, tree shaker during harvest season

The World’s Biggest Supply-Versus-Demand Crisis

Faced with an exploding world population and dwindling arable land, food production is without a doubt the world’s biggest supply-versus-demand crisis. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that agriculture production needs to increase by 70% in less than 30 years to meet the demand of an extra two billion people. While this information [...]
26 Feb
aucasian man holds some black truffles while two dogs are smelling them.

Your Invitation To Beat Wall Street

One sunny summer afternoon in 2012 I had the most expensive lunch of my life. Kathleen, the kids, and I were taking a driving tour through Italy, Austria, and Croatia. The Croatia leg was to check on the old stone house we own in Istria. We arrived in the nearest town, Livade, around lunchtime. Livade is a tiny place with a big claim to fame: this is the center of Croatia’s truffle region. Walking through the lobby of the town’s only restaurant we saw, in a glass case, an enormous bronze [...]
23 Aug
Diversified investments including stocks, forestry investment, real estate and bitcoin

Why You Should Diversify Your Portfolio in Times of Crisis

I’ve written before about real estate investors emailing or approaching me at conferences to question my position on the definition of a truly diversified real estate portfolio. Usually, they’re newer investors who haven’t seen the stock market or whatever type of investing it is that they focus on do what all types of investments do […]

23 Mar
agricultural land growing

Why I’m Glad That I Hold The World’s Most Valuable Asset

Here’s What To Do Today To Prepare For The Pain And Hardship We’re Facing The death rate from the coronavirus won’t make a dent in the global population even if 100% of us catch the bug. That is: The human race is not going to become extinct. Economies and markets will recover, too… eventually. We’re [...]
16 Mar
mango orchard, mango on a tree

Why An Agricultural Investment Is A Crisis Safe Haven

World Borders Are Closing... Here's What You Need To Know When the doors closed, they closed fast and hard. Panama has stopped all flights from Europe and Asia. Germany has closed its land borders to all traffic except goods and people commuting for work. Poland had already closed its border with Germany in an effort [...]
13 Feb
mango orchard, mango on a tree

A Profitable Agricultural Investment

Cash flow from a hard asset is the ultimate investor objective right now, and the best case I’d say is when that hard asset produces an agricultural product to feed a growing market demand. The challenge is to find an agricultural investment opportunity that doesn’t require you to get your hands dirty. I’ve been investigating […]