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Comply And Conquer: How To Legally Minimize Your Tax Burden

09 Oct

Comply And Conquer: How To Legally Minimize Your Tax Burden

We Americans have it rough when it comes to taxes.

The Big Bad Wolf of the world’s financial arena—the IRS—calls our neck of the woods home.

Feared worldwide these days… by banks, financial institutions, and ordinary citizens from California to Switzerland… the U.S. Internal Revenue Service has become the hunting dog for politicians unable to balance the nation’s checkbook.

Outlandish fines, loss of travel, and even an orange jumpsuit can await anyone who makes even an unintentional error with his tax filing.

Make no mistake: As an American, you must file your taxes every single year of your life, no matter where in the world you live or how long you live there. That’s a lot of chances to miss something on a tax form… too many.

Then, even if you do everything right, and no matter where in the world you’ve made your money, the IRS is standing by still, ever eager to bite off its pound of flesh.

The U.S. tax code is a whopping 74,608 pages. That’s a lot of obligation and liability.

On the other hand, that’s also a lot of opportunity for “loopholes.”

Many are the result of years of congressional lobbying… others come from bouts of temporary sanity within our nation’s capital… while some have merely been overlooked…

Regardless of their source, the IRS has no incentive to educate Americans on any of these tax-saving opportunities.

This is where I come in.

My team has just conducted an extensive and exhaustive review of those nearly 75,000 pages of the U.S. tax code. With many decades of combined U.S. and global tax experience among them, my tax guys have done what no one else, frankly, would be able or qualified to do at this level.

They have identified and documented everything an American taxpayer needs to know to be able to reduce or even to eliminate his tax burden and also (very important in today’s climate) to avoid making a mistake in any of their annual filings.

These are the tools that every American who spends time or has investments abroad absolutely needs to have to save money and to escape fines… or worse…

  • Did you know you can legally earn at least US$204,200 every year… completely tax-free? It’s simple to file for this savings if you know the right forms (Full details, including a sample tax form, start on Page 4 of my team’s new tax guide…)
  • Have money in a bank overseas? Does that account have US$10,000 or more in it? If so, you better report it using the right form… failure to do so can cost you at least US$10,000, and up to US$100,000, for each unreported account (We’ll show you how to file—and what to do if you didn’t report your accounts in the past—this is critical, must-know information… starting on Page 18…)
  • The tech company Apple famously has US$240 billion in un-taxed dollars sitting overseas… While your cash on hand might not compete with the mountain that Apple has managed to accumulate, you have the right to take advantage of the same completely legal loophole to protect every hard-earned dollar you do have… but, yes, there is a right way and a not-so-right way to act on this (We share full details on the strategy and how to execute it beginning on Page 27…)
  • What is FATCA? And what does it mean for you and your taxes? (We detail what you need to know, starting on Page 20…)
  • Can’t stomach the thought of filing IRS tax forms every year for the rest of your life? An option does exist to escape the IRS’ yoke forever (We’ll explain fully on Page 37…)
  • Own real estate property overseas? Did you know you can deduct tens of thousands of dollars on your taxes each year, just by enjoying that purchase? What’s more, if you decide to sell any of your properties abroad, we know of a way to avoid paying capital gains (Our team walks you through it all, starting on Page 5 and Page 32…)
  • Plus the list of non-reportable assets, IRA investing, sample tax returns, and much, much more…

Hot off the virtual press, my new tax guide—”The Taxman’s Guide For The American Abroad”—is a must-have for every American living, investing, holding assets, and doing business overseas.

If you own real estate in another country or have opened a bank account overseas… or if you’re considering either of those things…

If you’re currently residing overseas or if you’re thinking about spending time in another country…

This new guide is what you need to make sure you’re 100% IRS compliant.

My marketing team is making it available at a discounted just-released price this week only.

Order your copy here now.

Lief Simon
Editor, Offshore Living Letter


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