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Author: Lynn Mulvihill

12 Aug
David, Chiriqui

Hassle-Free Real Estate Investment Opportunity In David, Panama

In these rocky times, we need to be extra picky about where we put our hard-earned money… If you’re looking for a safe haven—where you can park your cash and watch it grow (while you sleep soundly for 8 hours a night)—then one place stands above all others… Panama. Among its Latin American neighbors, this […]

12 Oct
Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Investing In Brazil Should Be Your Next Move, Here’s Why

One important factor that makes Brazil particularly attractive to North Americans today is the extraordinary currency advantage. Right now, the dollar is trading at over 5 Brazilian reais. That means that everything from eating out to staying at a hotel to buying property comes at a significant discount. But these low property prices we’re seeing […]

13 Jul
st johns point in ireland

5 Properties To Watch On Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Market Update: Ireland—Time Again To Buy? 2020 was never meant to be a strong year for the Irish property market. Good news for you, dear foreign property buyer… Remember, long before coronavirus, there was the little matter of Brexit next door. And on Jan. 31, with terms still to be agreed, the UK officially walked [...]
11 May
Cartagena balconies colonial houses cathedral

Exclusive Discount On Cartagena Pre-Construction Houses

Exclusive Chance To Earn 15% (While Saving Thousands) In One Of My Favorite Property Markets Over the past two years, we've been highlighting Colombia as a place where U.S.-dollar-holders have increased buying power. Now, that currency advantage just got better... Between a drop in oil prices (Colombia's bread and butter) and the coronavirus threatening the [...]