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Author: Kathleen Peddicord

18 Jan
View Of The Skyline Of Panama City, Panama, Framed By Tropical Rain Forest.

Top 5 Investments In Panama

Greetings from our annual Live And Invest In Panama Conference. Lief is busy emceeing right now, so your missive today comes from me (Kathleen)… I thought I’d just fill you in on exactly why we keep returning, again and again, to host this annual conference in (and about) the “Hub of the Americas”… (And by [...]
04 Jan
Aerial view of Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

5 Undervalued Places To Buy Abroad

High prices, a high mortgage rate, and dwindling supply… Prospective homebuyers in the United States face a near-impossible situation, and home sales are suffering as a result. They’re at their lowest levels in 13 years. Instead of waiting on a frozen market to thaw, those interested in buying property for lifestyle or investment should look [...]
21 Dec
Skyline of Panama City, Panama

It’s Not What You Think

I woke up this morning, brewed a pot of Irish breakfast tea, and, as has been my custom for decades now, sat down at my laptop to write you a letter. I want to focus your attention this week on Panama. Trouble is… I’ve been telling people about Panama for some 25 years. In fact, [...]
23 Nov
Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

A Thanksgiving Gift From Our Family To Yours

When my children were young and we lived in Paris, we looked forward to our once-a-year trips to the boutique épicerie known as Thanksgiving. Each year, the weekend before that shop’s namesake celebration, my teenaged daughter and preschool-aged son and I would set out from our apartment in Paris’ 7th arrondissement for the hour-long walk [...]
20 Nov
Scandinavian Mountains, Norway. global crisis

A “Way Out” From Global Crisis

Are you looking for a “way out”? With everything that’s going on in the world… war in the Middle East… war in Ukraine… seemingly endless political dysfunction in the United States… we could all be forgiven for wanting an escape. I’m not talking about a vacation… I’m talking about a “bolthole” where you feel safe. [...]
06 Nov
Ocean Views… A Beach Bar… And Getting In Early. los islotes

An Unexpected Opportunity On Panama’s Coast

In 2008, my husband Lief and I made the most important investment of our lives. After scouting the globe, we made an offer on a piece of land on Panama’s Veraguas coast. It was an oceanside finca known as Los Islotes. We recognized Los Islotes as unique… on the Azuero Peninsula, in Panama, and in [...]
19 Oct
Plaza De Botero, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

2 Nights In The City Of Eternal Spring—On Me

The first time I ever recommended Americans think about retiring (and investing) overseas was back in 1985. When I began making these kinds of suggestions, I was sometimes met with suspicion… sometimes ignored… now and then even attacked as part of the lunatic fringe. The good news is that today the idea of living or [...]
16 Oct
Camel caravan at Gobi desert. This is a famous place part of the silk road in Dunhuang, Gansu, China. silk road

The Silk Road—Part 2: Ancient Cities, And A VIP Invite

“Few people like you make it this far,” our guide Anthony told us with a big smile as we approached the ruins of the central pagoda of the 2,300-year-old city of Jiaohe. He meant white people. In this part of this country, the travelers are nearly all Chinese. The burgeoning local middle class is keen [...]