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16 Jul
Caribbean town by the sea

What You Need to Know: Global Real Estate Investing

Take This Reality Check Before Making Any Property Purchase Overseas World events are creating chaos and uncertainty… which is translating into the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes to own real estate overseas. The currency discounts alone are irresistible. However, if you’re considering (as we strongly recommend you should be right now) diversifying into foreign property [...]
14 May
lisbon city and castle

How And Where COVID-19 Is Creating Real Estate Opportunity

These Markets Will Collapse And Not Recover The global shutdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic is going to have big effects on real estate markets worldwide. However, the situation we're about to see play out will not be the same as what we witnessed in the wake of the 2008/2009 global real estate crash [...]
17 Feb
xunatunich in belize

History Of Belize: From Maya Settlement To Melting Pot

This Is Still One Of The World's Top Offshore Havens In addition to the Maya, you've got the Kriol people. The Kriol of Belize are descended from the British and Africans who settled much of the country's coastline in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. They, like the Maya, continue to influence local politics, the [...]
23 Jan
big ship passing through the panama canal

How Panama Became A Great Economic Success Story

Why I've Doubled Down In This Market This week's Live and Invest in Panama Conference is the biggest we've held, with more attendees and more presenters than ever before. It's a lively, high-energy, jam-packed affair... And I'm missing it. For the first time in our history, I'm not able to be there for the fun. Not that [...]
06 Jan
mazatlan golden zone

The Best Two Best Countries For Going Overseas In 2020

My Wife Says These Are The Two Best Places To Go Overseas In 2020 Cheapest, safest... best weather, best infrastructure, best health care... most tax-advantaged and most foreign-resident friendly... Not to mention most romantic, exotic, historic, and adventure filled... Our editors, correspondents, and scouts have been collecting data and crunching numbers for three months. The [...]
05 Sep
The panel at a retire overseas conference

Retire Overseas Expo Express Pass: Get Personalized Advice

Why Lief Has Just Flown To Houston… We aren't able to do this every year... but this year we've made it a priority... meaning I'm writing today to announce: Our 2019 Retire Overseas Expo. This is an intensive one-day event focused on providing comprehensive, detailed, and firsthand information on your best options right now for living, [...]
26 Aug
Terracptta army in Xian, China

Our Two-Week Adventure Following The Silk Road, China

Reemerging After Three Weeks Offline In China, I Find… “Few people like you make it this far,” our guide Anthony told us with a big smile as we approached the ruins of the central pagoda of the 2,300-year-old city of Jiaohe. He meant white people. This time of year, key spots across China are crowded [...]
27 Jun
Apartment buildings in Medellin Colombia

Global Property Investing Made Easy—Here’s How

My 4 Favorite Overseas Property Markets On stage earlier this week for the Global Property Summit, with the help of friends, colleagues, and property experts from around the world, Lief Simon and three dozen experts recounted tales of success... and of failure. They shared hard-won wisdom with the benefit of hindsight and perspective… with one [...]
04 Feb
A view from below of the top of a bank glass building, blue skys in the background

News From Panama City After 3 Months Away

Fourth Bridge Over The Canal A Go... And Other Important Good News From Panama After three months away, Lief and his wife Kathleen Peddicord are back on the ground in Panama City. What's new since they were last in residence at the Live and Invest Overseas HQ? Kathleen has the report... Back in our Live [...]