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Author: Lief Simon

08 Jul
The cowboy who tamed horses at sunset

Finding Freedom, Opportunity, And Your Fortune

Americans used to be the great movers of the world. Think of the pioneers who settled the West… traveling thousands of miles with nothing just to find a place where they could truly live free, far from the Old World governments that kept them down… looking for new opportunities on new lands because opportunities had [...]
04 Jul
The silhouette of three men wearing a cowboy dress with horses and guns held in the hand

The Key To A Successful Back-Up Plan

I don’t need to remind you of the challenges of our age. Cable news in the United States has got that beat covered. Most importantly, I believe in finding opportunities and organizing your life to enjoy what the world offers. Sometimes, you may need to make some changes to do so. So, my job is [...]
01 Jul
Statue Of Liberty over a blue sky

The Not So Great Debate

Smell that? It’s the ashes of last week’s dumpster fire of a debate still smoldering… and that stench won’t clear easy. In between all the mumbling, bumbling, and name-calling, came the squabbling over inflation, immigration, abortion, and the big stuff too, like the candidates’ prowess on the golf course and elsewhere… If a tornado hit [...]
27 Jun
Treasury Department building in Washington, DC trump biden

Are Taxes A Reason To Go Offshore?

The stage is set. Tonight, Trump and Biden face off in the first of two slated debates. Taxes look set to feature high on the agenda. Trump wants to extend all the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 provisions which are set to expire next year. Depending on who you listen to, that could [...]
24 Jun
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An Iron-Clad System For Keeping Your Assets Safe

When the King of Rock and Roll died in August 1977, his estate was valued at more than $10 million. Unfortunately, Elvis Presley’s will wound up going through probate, and it took three years for the lawyers to work things out in court. Finally, mercifully, the court ruled that the estate should pass to his [...]
20 Jun
The United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC

How To Come Out On Top This Election Year

There’s a lot of things about 2020 many of us would like to forget. The pandemic takes the top spot… but Trump v. Biden comes a close second. And now here we are again with the rerun most nobody wanted. Maybe you have no horse in this race, but chances are, you do. And while [...]
17 Jun
Cowboy riding into the sunset

Bulletproof Your Future

Why should you be looking beyond the United States for opportunity? I probably don’t need to go into all the problems America is facing these days. Unsustainable debt. Useless politicians. Everybody angry at everybody else. I started looking overseas for investment opportunities more than 30 years ago. I did it because I wanted new adventures, [...]
10 Jun
Boats and house in beach big island (Ilha Grande), sea of Angra dos Reis bay with beautiful large mountains in the background, beach holidays on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The #1 Way To Launch Your Global Property Portfolio

Yesterday I flew from Paris to Panama where later this week I’ll be joined by my global network of fellow real estate experts for this year’s International Property Summit. They’re coming from Mexico, Argentina, Belize, Cyprus, and beyond to share private property offerings worth at least $278,375 in cash savings and benefits across more than [...]
03 Jun
Brick lane with flowers in an Italian hill town. international property summit

How To Hold Property Overseas

How should one hold property overseas? That’s a regular question at conferences… especially my International Property Summit event each year. The best option depends on the person, the property, and the country where the property is located… and even what funds you’re using for the investment. Use IRA funds and, generally speaking, you should set [...]
27 May
Small gold nuggets in an antique measuring

A True Store Of Wealth

If you haven’t seen the first season of “Yellowstone” prequel, “1883”, take the time to watch it. It has a lot of good lessons. One key one is the value of things… or lack thereof as the case may be. As the Dutton family is crossing the U.S. with a wagon train, you see settlers [...]