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Author: Lief Simon

29 Sep
A house in Carmelita Gardens in Belize

Pursuing A Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

In a world of uncertainty, having an escape plan can help you sleep better. The details of such a plan differ for everyone. Maybe a nest egg on deposit in an offshore bank account somewhere is all you need to feel comfortable and confident about your and your family’s future… Or maybe you’re interested in […]

29 Aug
Seashore and pebble beach with wild coastline in Cyprus island, Greece by Petra tou Romiou sea rocks

Why An Investment In Cyprus Is My New Favorite Plan B

Cyprus—north and south—is dead center of my radar. The property markets on this island are among the world’s greatest bargains… and offer tremendous upside both in terms of cash flow and appreciation, near and long term. If you haven’t yet taken a look at the property investing opportunities on Aphrodite’s isle, I recommend you

22 Aug
Guns with ammunition on paper target shooting practice

The Complete Guide To Owning A Gun In Panama

How To Buy A Gun In Panama Three-and-a-half years ago, I applied for a gun permit in Panama.It was finally approved last month.Last week I went to the Ministerio de Seguridad Pública in Panama City to pick it up.I’d already purchased a gun. In February 2019. The long delay in my being able to take [...]