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24 Nov
A turkey dinner for thanksgiving can be as easy as doing it back home...depending where you are.

Celebrating Thanksgiving In Panama

As we head into the year-end holiday season, we at Live and Invest Overseas are taking stock… remembering and reflecting on where we’ve come from and how we’ve gotten where we are now… From Baltimore, Maryland, to Waterford, Ireland… Paris, France… and now Panama City, Panama, where Lief and I have been living for more […]

26 Nov
Spending Thanksgiving Outside The U.S.

Spending Thanksgiving Outside The U.S.

To realize your American Dream, take your skillset and go in search of opportunity. If your agenda is that of a general entrepreneur, the world is wide open. If you have specific training or experience that you want to continue using, almost any developing market could accommodate. No need to reinvent the wheel. Like the […]