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07 May
Back up residency in colombia. a high rise building in colombia with new developments being built in the background

Why A Plan B Residency In Colombia Should Be Your Plan A

World's Easiest Residency? I spent the past several months working on a massive expansion of our guide to foreign residency and second citizenship. During that time I was reminded why Colombia continues to stand out among the competition whenever backup residency alternatives are discussed. Colleague Lee Harrison has long insisted that Colombia be at the top [...]
21 May
best residency options

Live And Invest Overseas Retire Overseas Conference Showcases The World’s Best Residency Options

One important piece of internationalizing your life is establishing residency in another country, either because you intend to move to that country or because you want a backup residency in your back pocket in case things go completely sideways and you decide it’s time to bug out. You have many good options in either case, […]

18 May
A teak plantation

Invest For Residency In Colombia

Among the investment opportunities presented during our conference last week in Medellín, Colombia, was a new timber project in that country. Timber investing has one of the best, if not the best, risk-to-return ratios you’ll find. Trees don’t have an expiration date. You can leave them to continue growing if for some reason the market […]

11 May
cartagena colombia as well as medellin are great places to invest in colombia

Risks Of Investing In Colombia

I’m in Medellín, Colombia, this week with about 100 other brave souls with the courage (and the wisdom) to ignore the stereotypes and the bad press and come see for themselves what this city and this country have to offer. What’s there to be afraid of in Medellín, Colombia? My co-host for this week’s event, […]

18 Oct
Investor Residency In Colombia

Investor Residency In Colombia

I had the chance to return to Colombia last month for the Live and Invest Overseas conference in Medellin. After that visit and the opportunity to meet again with developer, investor, property, and banker contacts there, I’m happy to report that Colombia makes as much sense for investment today as it did when I first started looking […]