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09 Jul
portugal seaside town

Stake Your Claim: Global Real Estate Is On Sale, Right Now

Just Released: Lief Simon's Report On Crisis Cash Flow Opportunities 2020 has been a beast. The events of this year have left most people paralyzed as to what to do next... which I'd say is great news for you and me. While everyone else hunkers down and hopes for the best, I'm taking advantage of [...]
09 Mar
house keys on top of hundred dollar bills

Unexpected Benefits Of Buying A Rental Apartment Overseas

Coronavirus, The Tokyo Olympics, The Copa America 2020, And Other Strategies For Spiking Rental Returns To identify the ideal rental property for investment overseas, first you consider the market and satisfy yourself that it's got legs and upside... Then you evaluate the specific property's expected income, expenses, and return on investment... Finally, you research and [...]
05 Mar
real estate by the sea in brazil

Thanks To The U.S. Dollar, The Global Property Sale Is Now On

Coronavirus Profits As the death toll ticks up, traditional investors don't know how to treat the spread of the coronavirus. Most investors are experiencing one heck of a roller-coaster ride. Good thing we're not most investors. Cash-flowing global property investments—especially productive land investments—are looking smarter than ever right now. Meantime, the good ole American dollar [...]
02 Mar
Seaside town overseas sunny day in Spain

Two Things To Understand Before Buying Property Overseas

What Frank Lloyd Wright Taught Me About Other People’s Money My first real estate purchase was in Chicago. I was renting in a three-flat when the owner sent a notice to all the tenants informing them he was listing the property for sale. It was a Frank Lloyd Wright building. My apartment was big, the [...]