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Tag: Property In Panama

16 Feb

Last Chance To Invest In Mango Plantation In Panama

Last year about this time, I announced the launch of a new agricultural investment opportunity in Panama—a mango plantation where you could participate as a small investor, taking title to your piece of the farm and earning yields along with the developer. Today, that mango plantation is nearly sold out. In less than one year, […]

19 Dec
A teak plantation

Specific Countries Residency Through Teak Investment In Panama

The most cost-effective, hassle-free invest-for-residency program we know of available anywhere in the world today is in Panama and takes advantage of this country’s “Specific Countries” residency visa program. The Specific Countries program was initiated under Ricardo Martinelli’s presidential administration through an executive order that the new president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, has so […]

08 Dec
How To Establish Yourself In A New Country

Turn-Key Casitas At Los Islotes

As I said, we’ve been working on the designs for these houses behind the scenes for months. In conceiving this new neighborhood, we’ve had two driving ideas. First, again, we want to be able to offer a no-hassle, ready-to-move-into option for people interested in becoming part of the Los Islotes community but not up for […]

31 Jul
Water Shortages MEans Agricultural Investment Opportunities

Water Shortages Translate To Agricultural Investment Opportunities

Reading today about the drought in California hit home for me the long-term benefits of owning agricultural land somewhere in the world that had access to plenty of water. The drought is being blamed for increased prices of everything from milk and vegetables to In-N-Out burgers. Water levels in Lake Mead, which provides water to […]

24 Dec
Trying To Qualify For Bank Financing As A Foreigner In Panama

Trying To Qualify For Bank Financing As A Foreigner In Panama

Mortgage Madness In Panama Last week, before leaving Panama for Christmas in the United States, I met with a third bank in an effort to secure a mortgage for an apartment purchase in the city. The front line banker was courteous and wanted to be helpful, but, as I've learned over the past couple of [...]