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08 Jan
Traditional white houses with unspoilt idyllic view of marina, coastline and Mediterranean Sea in Moraira, Costa Blanca, Spain

How To Spot Profitable Properties

Returning to Spain for the recent Live And Invest In Spain Conference, I was reminded of my first pure real estate investment outside of the United States. In 2000, a colleague and I took a scouting trip along the coast of Spain… not just one of the Costas, but the entire southern coast of Spain [...]
11 Feb
A monopoly board with houses and hotels and a card that reads "overseas property investments"

Things To Consider When Investing In Properties Overseas

What Is The Best Way To Take Title To Your Property Investments Overseas? If you purchase a piece of real estate in another country, should you have the ownership documents issued in your name or, perhaps, in the name of a corporation? If a corporation, should it be a local company (formed in the jurisdiction [...]
27 Sep
Global Investments, 100 dollar bill

Top 5 Global Investments To Suit Any Portfolio

How To Choose One Global Property Investment Over Another At the Retire Overseas Conference we hosted a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, the question I was most frequently asked was: Which of the real estate opportunities being presented as part of the program made the most sense for the attendee asking the question. I’m [...]