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21 Nov
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How To Identify Offshore Opportunities In The Market Today

Why I’m Cashing Out Of This Market This Week As I mentioned Monday, I closed this week on the sale of my rental property in Portugal. I bought the apartment on my first-ever trip to the country in 2015. A longtime friend and colleague on the ground told me that Portugal was finally coming out [...]

Panama Papers Exposed

Panama Papers Exposed: How To LEGALLY Game The System Secret Strategies Of The Offshore World: Why You Shouldn’t Care About The “Panama Papers” Not everybody who doles out international investing advice actually knows what they’re talking about. Recent discussions in the media regarding the “Panama Papers” have proven this truer than ever. While the uneducated [...]
15 Sep
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Investing Offshore

Why In The World Should You Invest Offshore? Diversification through investing offshore can reduce your portfolio volatility while maintaining returns. In addition to providing portfolio diversification, offshore investments provide a high degree of choice and flexibility. A large percentage of the over 80,000 funds traded worldwide are located offshore. Investing in these funds must often be [...]
26 Nov
Spending Thanksgiving Outside The U.S.

Spending Thanksgiving Outside The U.S.

To realize your American Dream, take your skillset and go in search of opportunity. If your agenda is that of a general entrepreneur, the world is wide open. If you have specific training or experience that you want to continue using, almost any developing market could accommodate. No need to reinvent the wheel. Like the […]

29 Oct
Best Jurisdictions For Offshore Companies

Best Jurisdictions For Offshore Companies

Dozens of jurisdictions offer offshore corporations, LLCs, trusts, and foundations, but every offshore attorney has his go-to choices. My Belize attorney prefers St. Lucia because a St. Lucia structure can help to mitigate tax liability when doing business in Belize. One U.S. attorney I know works mostly with Belize entities; another likes Nevis. How should […]