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01 Feb
Montevideo, Uruguay, port. The port of Montevideo is the main commercial port of Uruguay

Safety, Stability, Easy Residency, And More…

Can “boring” actually be good? There’s an old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” Such “interesting times” are fascinating to historians but they’re not much fun to experience first-hand…. They’re times of war, drought, plagues, and famine. It might also be a curse to live in an “interesting” country. The kinds of countries [...]
07 Aug
Paradise Beach At Soufriere Bay With View To Piton At Small Town Soufriere In Saint Lucia.

An Industry Insider Advises… Your Best Citizenship-By-Investment Options Right Now

The world of citizenship by investment is changing fast… Just last month, the U.K. government stopped visa-free travel for citizens of Vanuatu and Dominica—after what the British Home Secretary called “clear and evident abuse” of the citizenship-by-investment (CBI) scheme. This has had a knock-on effect in the industry, with at least one CBI nation doubling [...]
07 Aug

More Problems In Argentina Means Great Opportunities For Foreign Investors

Today, I’d like to share this letter that, earlier this week, Steve Rosberg—friend and founder of investment management company Ushay (with projects in Argentine forestry, vineyards, and construction)—circulated to his contact list on the current situation in Argentina. Once again, change is afoot in this trouble-ridden nation, spelling opportunity for the investor. Steve writes: “I’m […]

12 Apr
The World’s Best Foreign Residency Options

The World’s Best Foreign Residency Options

There's No Such Thing As The "Best" Way To Go Offshore I have a friend who is pursuing multiple residency options concurrently. He's in different stages of trying to establish residency in several different countries with an eye to eventually obtaining citizenship in each one, as well. He figures that at least one of the [...]