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18 Apr
A Portugal farm on top of a hill

Why A Farm In Portugal Should Be Your Next Investment

Why I’m Tempted To Cash Out Of This Investment (And What I Intend To Do With The Money Instead) As they say, it can be better to be lucky than to be smart. Best case, of course, is when you can be both. That’s what happened in 2015 when I bought an apartment in Lagos, [...]
15 Dec
Thailand is leading in Aquaponics farming. | Investing In Thailand Aquaponics

Investing In Thailand Aquaponics: The Future Of Farming

Passive income traditionally comes in three categories—interest, dividends, and rent. For my own portfolio, I’ve long focused on rental income. A rental property can be a great cash flow generator. Over the last several years, I’ve expanded my thinking about options for earning rental income to include agricultural properties. Like a beach house or condo, […]