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27 Nov
dominican republic sunrise. color gradient sky from orange to purple, palm trees and sand. A look at the ocean sunrise.

Why I’m Applying For Residency In The Dominican Republic

This Country Ticks All The Go-Offshore Boxes About 18 months ago I began the process of applying for residency and citizenship in the Dominican Republic. My attorney in the DR contacted me last month to let me know that my naturalization paperwork is almost ready. How soon could I make it back to the country [...]
24 Apr
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The Difference Between Resident, Expat, And Expatriation

In the strictest sense, speaking historically, “expat” is short for “expatriation”—the act of renouncing your allegiance to your native land. However, over the decades, with big and growing numbers of people residing outside their home countries, the term “expat” has taken on a broader, gentler meaning, to refer simply to people living abroad. Just as […]