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14 Aug
Understanding How To Use A 1031 Like-Kind Exchange When Investing In Property Overseas

Dominican Republic: Top Choice To Get A Second Passport

The Dominican Republic is right now a land of opportunity. This country is among the best places to buy real estate in 2017, and certain areas in this country are the absolute best places to be shopping for affordable beachfront retirement digs and a great place to think about buying to let. Net rental yields […]

Dual Citizenship By Ancestry

Your Passport To Freedom: The 7 BEST Citizenships To Get Through Ancestry  Got A Grandparent? Get A Passport! Dual citizenship is one of the most effective tools available for international diversification, privacy protection, and offshore investing. The problem, of course, is that getting a second passport is generally not easy… or cheap. There is one [...]
28 Dec
going offshore priorities

Priorities For Going Offshore In 2016

I have more than a dozen bank accounts outside the United States, most associated with various businesses and investments. I have two accounts for every entity, but few entities have more than two. Why would anyone want or need more than two accounts for a single entity? The de-risking era is answering that question for […]

09 Feb
The Benefits Of A Second Passport can be many

Jus Solis Citizenship In The United States

When we were living in Ireland, that country still offered jus solis (right of the soil) citizenship. It was the last Western European country to do so. If you were born in Ireland, you were automatically a citizen. That’s how our son Jackson got his Irish citizenship… by being born on the island. One perk […]

06 Nov
Obtaining Dual U.S. Citizenship For Children Born Overseas

Obtaining Dual U.S. Citizenship For Children Born Overseas

Two colleagues have had children in the past year outside the United States. In each case, the child has one American parent and one non-American parent. Both children have the citizenship of the country where they were born, the home country of the non-American parent in each case, and both children are eligible for U.S. […]

12 May
Second Passport

Benefits Of Holding A Second Passport

At the most practical level, a second citizenship is useful for travel. The EU isn’t the only economic community in the world. You also have Mercosur in South America, for example, whose member nations include Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Paraguay. While Mercosur is fundamentally an economic treaty, holding a passport for a Mercosur […]