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07 Nov
Punta Cana dominates the "fast-Track" back up residency game.

Backup Residency In The DR: Your Post-Election Promised Land

The agony of the current U.S. election cycle ends tomorrow. Next comes the agony of the new administration. The choices this year are perhaps the worst lesser-of-two-evil options we’ve seen in decades. So you need other options. Fortunately, key places around the world are stepping up to oblige. On my radar specifically right now in […]

07 May
Dominican Republic Real Estate

Real Estate, Residency, Citizenship, And Banking In The Dominican Republic

Three years ago, a colleague started the process of applying for residency in three countries—Uruguay, Paraguay, and the Dominican Republic. His overriding objective was citizenship. He focused on those three jurisdictions because each offers liberal residency and naturalization rules. My friend gave up on Uruguay when he learned that this country’s naturalization process would require […]