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Put Yourself Back In The Driver’s Seat

08 Apr
Scenic coastal road near Maiori, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Put Yourself Back In The Driver’s Seat

In 1964 “Goldfinger”, the third instalment in the James Bond franchise, hit movie theaters across the U.S.

It had it all… beautiful women, psychotic villains, dramatic explosions, and, of course, gadgets…

When a foolhardy henchman orders Bond behind the wheel of his DB5—albeit at gunpoint—it’s not long before the unwelcome passenger is sent rocketing out of the roof by means of the ejector seat.

Who among us can honestly say there hasn’t been a road trip where we wished we could have sprung for that optional extra?

But what happens when the person you’d most like to send off into the stratosphere isn’t riding shotgun but rather running the country…?

I’d suggest that since the above alternative isn’t an option, it may be time to remove yourself from the situation instead.

Rarely is this urge to get out of Dodge felt stronger among Americans than in an election year.

Pollsters and headlines claim as many as 40 million U.S. citizens have expressed the desire to leave the country depending on the outcome this Nov. 5.

Meanwhile celebrities are lining up to declare their intention to quit the U.S. should their preferred candidate lose out at the polls. Chief among them is singer Cher who has announced she’ll be leaving the U.S. should Trump get re-elected. I won’t be holding my breath, after all she’s yet to make good on her 2016 plan to move to Jupiter…

But really, what’s an election year if not a time of empty promises and broken dreams.

Me? I’ve no interest in the noise, the huffy posturing, or self-selecting polls. I’ve less interest still in celebrities or their political persuasions.

Rather, having a back-up plan has always been high on my agenda. That way, when things go in a direction I don’t like, it doesn’t matter because I’ve got options elsewhere.

It’s a way to protect yourself, your wealth, and, in an election year, your sanity, too.

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I knew from an early age that I wanted a back-up plan that put me in control of my own future.

But a funny thing happened at some point during the 30 plus years since…

My Plan B became my Plan A.

That is, my back-up plan became my lifestyle.

I made a property investment here… opened a bank account there… then traveled to check in on them…

Another property investment… another bank account… residency in Ireland… then an Irish passport…

More property purchases… that doubled as both investments and places to enjoy time with my family.

The more time I spent in the locations where I’d planted flags, the more contacts I made… the more business ventures I staked… the more connected I felt…

Fast-forward to today, and I have home bases in four countries… residency in two… a second passport… and investments generating cash in five currencies.

In addition (my wife would say more important), as a result of all this back-up planning, I’ve developed a global network of friends that makes my life much richer than it would be otherwise.

Take this week, for example…

We’ve arrived back in Paris for an extended stay. In between time spent catching up with family and friends, we’ll get to enjoy the spectacle of this year’s Olympic Games in the City of Light.

From here, I’m first headed to Carvoeiro for our Portugal Conference happening later this week. After that, Kathleen and I will take a trip to Morocco, and maybe spend some time in Ireland…

The point is that we’re in control. We’re deciding where we most enjoy spending time… and if a situation, political or otherwise, no longer serves us, we’re free to pack up and leave at any time.

That’s the ultimate objective—being in control of your own destiny.

If you’re looking to improve your lifestyle, expand your upside, have a safe haven to escape to should the need arise, and guarantee yourself and your family control in the face of chaos… then I’d say you’re in search of a back-up plan, too.

Stay diversified,

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Lief Simon

Editor, Offshore Living Letter