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Your Chance To Tap Into Panama’s Best Beachfront Apartment Investment

15 Mar
Sunlight reflects off the surf at sunrise.

Your Chance To Tap Into Panama’s Best Beachfront Apartment Investment

Move-In-Ready Luxury Beachfront Apartment For Less Than US$150K (With An Exclusive US$60,500 Discount For My Readers)

In my mission to uncover the best deals—world-class properties in prime locations that I know will recover fast—Panama remains high on my list.

The coastline in Panama stretches for hundreds of kilometers along the two coasts of the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

And it’s here, just 50 minutes from Panama City along the Pacific Coast, that I’ve uncovered a killer deal…

One that puts you right on the powder-white sands of Panama’s next big beach town—for less than US$150k.

Panamas Gold Coast
This popular beach town is just 50 minutes from Panama City…

The property we’re looking at is true beachfront…

It’s move-in ready…

And it comes at a significant discount for my readers.

view for the window, gorgona
I’m talking about your own apartment right on this beach…

Right now, you can get in on a once-in-a-lifetime deal, allowing you to buy here at a massive US$60,500 discount on the regular selling price.

That means you’ll pay only US$149,500 for your own beachfront apartment in a prime location.

I first brought this deal to you just a few weeks ago, and already many of your fellow readers are signing on the dotted line.

To those of you who have secured your own beachfront home here—congratulations. If you have yet to act, I recommend you get in touch for full details.

Panama's Next Big Beach Town

Anyone with an eye on beach property in Panama has heard of Coronado.

They know of its rampant growth, the vast assortment of American-style shops, supermarkets, and restaurants. They know how quickly it has risen from a sleepy beach town to becoming the heart of Panama’s Gold Coast.

What they don’t know is that, just 10 minutes up the road, the same thing is happening all over again.

Right next door in Gorgona, resort-style developments are underway, new roads are being paved, and a modern new shopping mall is being built.

This (for now) sleepy beach town resembles a pre-boom Coronado—and its future has every reason to follow suit.

The beauty is with our ready-to-move-in apartment deal… you (or your renters) can enjoy a laid-back beach lifestyle at a fraction of the price…

You’re only minutes away from restaurants and gourmet grocery stores…

High-quality health care with English-speaking doctors…

A golf course, yoga studios, and a friendly expat community…

But you’re also still far enough away to escape the busy weekend crowds.

Luxury Property Right On The Beach For Just US$149,500

This residential project comes with innovative architectural design. Apartments are spread between two towers.

Building in Gorgona, Panama
Shaped like a ship’s hull, the building is designed to give its residents uninterrupted views over the Pacific Ocean to the front and rolling green mountains to the back

The project offers everything you’d expect of a luxury complex—including two social areas with a restaurant, roofed terrace, sundeck, two pools, a multipurpose court, fitness center, sauna, private events room…

And private access to the beach.

Pool in Gorgona building, Panama
First-class amenities without the price-tag…

The buildings have 24-hour security, a main lobby with a front desk, visitor parking, and 4 main elevators.

Tower A, closest to the beach, usually comes at a higher price tag. But opt for one of the remaining mountain-facing units, and you can pick up premium property at an incredible discount. Best of all, you’ll still get both ocean and mountain views.

At this price and right on the beach, in a prime location, the deal stacks up.

These 70-square-meter, one-bed units in Tower A usually sell for US$210,000. But I have just negotiated a special cash price of just US$149,500.

That’s a massive US$60,500 savings for you as an Offshore Living Letter reader.

Even better, while these are presented as one-bed units, you can opt to sacrifice the formal dining space for a second bedroom.

Financing is also available.

Liz, my contact on the ground, is happy to arrange a video call with you if you wish to see different apartments and to check out that ocean view for yourself.

Move-In Ready—No Risk And No Wait

The building was completed and opened in 2019, so these units are ready to use now.

Many are being used both as residential property and income-producing rentals.

Indeed, a rental management team is on-site for turn-key profits.

This is a luxury property that could be your second home, a vacation spot, your escape hatch, or your ultimate retirement plan.

These are true beachfront apartments that usually sell for US$210,000… but right now you get a massive US$60,500 cash discount.

You get a move-in ready home, with no pre-construction risk, and no wait time.

Now that’s worth your attention.

Get more details on this one-of-a-kind deal that puts you just footsteps from a Pacific Ocean beach.

Lief Simon