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Tag: Visa-free Travel

20 Apr
investing in paraguay

The Travel And Visa Benefits Of A Second Passport

Americans can enter Paraguay via the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asunción without having a visa in advance. Enter the country by road or boat, and you have to obtain your visa before you travel. It’s not a big deal getting the visa at the airport, but it slows you down and costs US$160. It’s […]

12 May
Second Passport

Benefits Of Holding A Second Passport

At the most practical level, a second citizenship is useful for travel. The EU isn’t the only economic community in the world. You also have Mercosur in South America, for example, whose member nations include Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Paraguay. While Mercosur is fundamentally an economic treaty, holding a passport for a Mercosur […]