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Tag: Taxes In France

15 Oct
Accountant calculating taxes.

How To Figure How Much Local Tax You’ll Owe As A Resident Of A Foreign Country

Take France as an example. People generally think that France is a super-high-tax jurisdiction. When you do the math, though, you find that an American living in France wouldn’t likely pay any more in taxes than he would living in the United States. First, France has a taxation treaty with the United States, effectively eliminating […]

27 Aug
Implications Of Hollande’s Tax Hikes In France

Implications Of Hollande’s Tax Hikes In France

Nevermind The Politicians Based in Paris the past few weeks, we've been getting questions from readers and friends about what we're going to do in the face of recently elected President Hollande's proposed big tax changes. Hollande plans to increase this country's top marginal tax bracket from 41% to 75% for income over €1 million [...]