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07 Dec
EU Blacklist Countries 2

EU Blacklists 17 Tax Havens, Another 47 On Gray List

The EU has this week released a short list of 17 countries it is officially putting on notice because of their taxation policies. Panama is on that list. So is South Korea… as well as the U.S. territories of American Samoa and Guam. In addition to this so-called blacklist, the EU has also named 47 […]

22 Aug
You Could Be Living Tax Free as a consultant overseas

As A Consultant Overseas You Could Be Living Tax-Free

A friend is trying to figure out where to move overseas with his family. He’s a freelance consultant, so all he needs to be in business is an Internet connection. In other words, he could go almost anywhere, which is making it difficult for him to decide what to do. He started by narrowing his […]

22 Jan
Calculating your taxes abroad shouldn't stop you from your offshore investments.

Global Tax Strategies

F.H. disagrees with my assessment of the chances that China’s decision to tax its nonresident citizens on their worldwide income as the United States does will lead to every country taxing citizens no matter where they live. In short, I say it won’t happen. He writes: “This is the future, and the complexity will shrink […]

19 Jun

How To Figure How Much Local Tax You’ll Owe As A Resident Of A Foreign Country

I write often about opportunities and strategies for the American abroad interested in mitigating his U.S. tax burden. However, if part of your global diversification plan has you relocating to a new country, you may have another tax burden to address, as well—that of the jurisdiction where you’re becoming a resident. This is the case, […]