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11 Aug
living self-sufficient with small garden

Living Self-Sufficiently Isn’t About Prepping

In his opening presentation for my Self-Sufficiency Workshop in Belize this month, Wade Hahn made an important distinction. Being self-sufficient isn’t the same as being a doomsday “prepper.” Preppers hoard food and supplies waiting for the world to end… for the zombies to attack, as I put it. Being self-sufficient is about being able to […]

31 Jan
Self-Sufficiency In Belize

Self-Sufficiency In Belize

Top Choice For Living The Self-Sufficient Life Self-sufficiency. It's what built the American West. Farmers and ranchers pushing toward the Pacific in search of their fortunes, pioneers building new lives on land where they laid claim and where they knew they could take care of themselves and their families themselves, beholden' to no one. That [...]