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17 Nov
This Is Why The Offshore World Gets A Bum Rap

Is Your Second Citizenship Program Actually A Scam?

The offshore services world gets a bum rap. Most people think that anyone with activities “offshore” is doing something illegal or nefarious. That’s not the case… despite the mainstream press’ attempts to disparage anyone who is found to have done something as alarming as say, opening a bank account in another country. That is not […]

20 Feb
A man with a bag in a ferry station

Avoiding Scams Overseas

Iraqi Currency Plays...And Other Scams "I'm moving to Panama (or some other country) as soon as my Iraqi dinars revalue."I've heard this comment maybe a half-dozen times over the last year or so. Someone (I don't know who) came up with a great, plausible scenario to get people to "invest" in the Iraqi currency. Telling [...]