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04 Dec
Easier And Cheaper To Pay Somebody Off?

Paying Bribes Overseas

In the November issue of my Simon Letter, I cover shipping across international borders in my “Lessons Learned” column. I’ve been struggling through an unhappy experience trying to ship a piece of machinery into Panama for my Los Islotes project recently, so the topic is on my mind.

26 Jun
real state

How To Vet Offshore Investment Opportunities

“I told them the contract is risky, but they invested anyway.” That’s what one of my attorney contacts told me about a recent client experience. He was surprised and even appalled that the client didn’t take his advice and walk away from the investment because he, the attorney, had concerns about some of the contract […]

20 Mar
Lief Simon

Belize Remains A Top Offshore, Tax, And Banking Haven

He’s asked Kathleen Peddicord, therefore, to fill in for him today… My first trip to Belize, coming up on 30 years ago, was organized courtesy of the Belize Tourism Authority. I was a starting-out travel writer; the BTA was looking for press. This was well pre-“Survivor,” pre-“Temptation Island.” The only people who knew this tiny […]

11 Jun
QRP Residency In Belize

QRP Residency In Belize

A back-up plan. That’s what many people are looking for right now. They don’t want to diversify globally altogether, but they do want to put a plan in place in case something happens and they feel like they have to get out of their home country in a hurry.