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25 Jul
The removal of rent controls is the real culprit behind rising rents in this city.

Are Short-Term Rentals Impacting Your Market Price Of Rent?

A friend sent me an article over the weekend about the demise of local districts’ identities in Lisbon as a result of increased tourism in that city. The writer of the piece takes the position that tourists are killing the local charm that attracted them to Lisbon in the first place. His argument is that […]

06 Feb
Should I buy in this market at this time?

How To Vet A Potential Property Purchase Overseas

I’ve bought a number of overseas properties—both for personal use and as investments—and I find that evaluation of a potential property always comes back to a few simple basics. It’s a safe and secure process when you follow the rules and use the same good sense that you’d use in your home country.