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30 Mar
eiffel tower france

Restrictions On The Use Of Cash In France And Europe

Cash is no longer king. At least that seems to be France’s position. While cash isn’t being exiled from the French economy altogether, the country is looking to reduce the maximum amount of an allowable cash transaction from 3,000 to 1,000 euros. This isn’t the first time the French have had this particular bad idea. […]

01 May
How To Plan For Your Estate

How To Plan For Your Estate

A banker friend in Belize who speaks at many of the conferences my wife Kathleen Peddicord’s publishing group sponsors likes to ask the following question as part of his presentations: “What happens to your bank account (in Belize) if you and your banker, and only you and your banker, know about its existence…and you die?” […]

02 Sep
Going Off The Grid

Going Off The Grid

A Formula For Dumping Big Brother Interested in protecting yourself from ever-bigger Big Brother? Not interested in being tracked by the NSA, MI6, Mossad, or any other "intelligence agency"? Don't want to be hounded by the IRS for tax forms detailing your assets? Don't want banks reporting your accounts to U.S. authorities? You're not alone...and [...]