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23 Aug
Diversified investments including stocks, forestry investment, real estate and bitcoin

Why You Should Diversify Your Portfolio in Times of Crisis

I’ve written before about real estate investors emailing or approaching me at conferences to question my position on the definition of a truly diversified real estate portfolio. Usually, they’re newer investors who haven’t seen the stock market or whatever type of investing it is that they focus on do what all types of investments do […]

03 Nov
Building A Real Estate Investment Portfolio

The Keys To Building A Real Estate Portfolio Using Leverage

Leverage is the Holy Grail for just-getting-started real estate investors in the United States. A mega-industry has developed around no-money-down gurus and their systems. I bought the program of one of the best known of these guys, Carlton Sheets, more than 20 years ago when I was getting started at this myself. Indeed, I followed […]