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28 Jul
Don’t let the news cycles dictate or even affect your diversification plan.

Don’t Let News Cycles Dictate Your Diversification Plan

Over the years, readers have called me crazy and even stupid for visiting and investing in one country or another… Argentina in 2002, Romania in 2004, Egypt in 2005, Colombia in 2011… for example… They’ve forwarded me U.S. State Department reports and warnings about various countries. They’ve asked whether I watch the news or have […]

30 May
How much diversification is much diversification is much

How Much Offshore Diversification Do You Really Need?

Once you get started planting your flags around the world, you’ll eventually reach the point where you’ll ask yourself how much diversification is enough. My real estate portfolio has included investments in more than two dozen countries over the years and currently holds 24 properties in 11 countries. For some, that might qualify as over-diversification. […]