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28 Feb
Camilo Beach (Praia do Camilo) at Algarve, Portugal with turquoise sea in background.

8 Questions You Must Ask Before Establishing Residency Overseas

If you haven’t already established residency in another country, I’m writing today to urge you to consider the idea now. We’re living through extraordinary times. More than ever before, it’s critical that you have a backup plan… And that plan should include the right to reside full time and indefinitely in another country if and […]

23 Apr
hand holding a pencil which has written the word tax in capital letters on a piece of paper

There Are Many Reasons For Going Offshore, Taxes Aren’t One

Last week was the end of the official tax season for Americans. We all got an extra day this year because the IRS’s online system crashed in the 11th hour. Too much traffic in the final hours leading up to the midnight deadline. Seems more and more people wait until the last minute to file.

15 Sep
A person stamping and authenticating documents for foreign paperwork.

Authenticating Documents

Untangling The Web Of International Document Authentication There’s no escaping it, and there’s no shortcut. What’s more, your foreign attorney can’t do it for you. We’re talking about the international document authentication that’s required when you submit official documents in another country. As you begin to expand your horizons beyond the shores of your home country, [...]