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17 Dec
.38 mm handgun and bullets.

Gun Ownership, Safety, and Crime In Belize

One of the questions I am most frequently asked about Belize is: Is it really safe? Unlike Mexico, Guatemala, and other countries in the region, Belize has no organized crime. In Belize, no drug cartels are fighting for dominance or control. Luckily, this sleepy little country seems too small to interest those types. That said, […]

26 Jan
2 important news if you are planning or are already living and investing in Belize

Important News For Folks Living And Investing In Belize

Two interesting pieces of news from my trip to Belize to host last week’s conference in Belize City. The first one is exciting for anyone who spends time on the Belize mainland. The roads are being improved… well, at least the road from the airport to the city. In addition, a bypass has been built […]

11 Aug
living self-sufficient with small garden

Living Self-Sufficiently Isn’t About Prepping

In his opening presentation for my Self-Sufficiency Workshop in Belize this month, Wade Hahn made an important distinction. Being self-sufficient isn’t the same as being a doomsday “prepper.” Preppers hoard food and supplies waiting for the world to end… for the zombies to attack, as I put it. Being self-sufficient is about being able to […]

21 Jan
Offshore Banking In Belize

Is Offshore Banking In Belize Still A Safe Strategy?

Kathleen and I flew from Panama to Belize City Tuesday morning for this week’s Live and Invest in Belize Conference. Passing through the airport, we picked up a copy of the local paper. Big topic in the press and on everybody’s mind in this country is banking. Belize is being beaten up and knocked around […]

17 Mar
Lief Simon

Self-Sufficiency In Cayo, Belize

The idea behind Maya Spring Estates is privacy and elbow room. The developer has allowed for only 20 lots, each one big enough to serve as a base for a fully self-sufficient lifestyle. Lot sizes range from 2.5 acres up to more than 9.5 acres, meaning you have enough room to build a house and […]