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03 Oct
mazatlan mexico offers top beaches at affordable prices.

Uncovering The Best Condos For Sale In Mazatlán, Mexico

Earlier this year, I closed on a brand-new condo right on the boardwalk in Mazatlán, Mexico. This came after two years of exploring up and down the Mexican coast and then evaluating one neighborhood against another within Mazatlán’s 20 miles of beaches. I preferred Mazatlán on Mexico’s west coast for a number of reasons… 1. […]

25 Feb
Beach property in Latin America

Comparing Property Prices In Latin America’s Top Markets

The beach resort of Santa Marta, Colombia, wins the prize for biggest price drop in 2015. Properties in this popular seaside getaway fell from US$2,091 per square meter last year to US$1,032 at the start of 2016… a drop of more than 50%. Values in Santa Marta actually increased in Colombian peso terms, but the […]

07 Dec
Reasons to live in Colombia

A Few Reasons To Live And Invest In Colombia Today

The window to take action in Colombia is right now… for two reasons: First, current exchange rates have pushed down property prices in Colombia to levels not seen for many years. Not surprisingly, real estate sales to Americans are at an all-time high. The U.S. dollar continues its rampage against the Colombian peso. How much […]

06 Feb
Should I buy in this market at this time?

How To Vet A Potential Property Purchase Overseas

I’ve bought a number of overseas properties—both for personal use and as investments—and I find that evaluation of a potential property always comes back to a few simple basics. It’s a safe and secure process when you follow the rules and use the same good sense that you’d use in your home country.